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About Raleigh Dance Photography

Raleigh Dance Photography was born out of commercial and fitness photoshoots in 2015. Slowly evolved to personal projects and editorial shoots. In 2016 became a small part of our Wedding and Commercial photography. A few years later Dancing/Creating/Elevating became the primary focus. Capturing all Dance and movement. Creating and collaborating on unique and personalized shoots with dancers. Elevating dancers’ self-expression.

Behind the Lens

  • 17 years as a photographer
  • 7 years shooting dance
  • Will be Eating an apple or Chipotle at every shoot
  • Grew up in Raleigh
  • Loves the Performing Arts

Chris Nieto


  • Photography Major at ECU
  • Dance Journey Started At the Age of Three
  • Former Dancer at HSSOD
  • Prefers to not be called a poser

Dani Nowell

Assistant/Dance Poser

  • Gone But Not Forgotten
  • Spoke Russian
  • RDP wouldn’t exist without her

Jessica Berkowitz

Assistant / Dance Poser

Other Team Members

RDP has a wide team of experienced photographers from all backgrounds



Assisting for the past 7 Years
Pro Fabric Tosser



Shooting with Chris Since 2012
Would always rather be at Disney
Bring her a soft drink and she will take your picture



12 Years as a photographer
Raleigh Native
The techie guy